Ed Buck

November 6, 2019



Public Enemy #1 - September 2019


Long time democratic donor Ed Buck has now been involved in the deaths of two men. He was arrested this September and now indicted (Oct. 2) for the distribution of methamphetamine in connection with the deaths of both Timothy Dean and Gemmel Moore. Dean was found dead in Buck's home in January, after overdosing on methamphetamines. Back in 2017, Moore was also found under similar circumstances.


Dean and Moore are simply the fatal victims to have encountered Buck. According to a criminal complaint, Buck has preyed on at least 11 victims. A majority of them gay, black males. This is why Buck finds himself the Public Enemy of the Month for September. Being gay in this world adds a target to your back. For those that experience this identity who also happen to be black, this is just an added danger. He is that danger, targeting black gay men for some time without opposition.


Los Angeles County investigators have previously received tips and statements from men claiming to have come encountered Buck, but could not build a strong enough case to act swiftly. If convicted, Buck would face a minimum of 20 years in a federal facility for his hand in either death.


Bucks contributions as an "activist" and prominence have in turn kept his actions in the dark. He began his career as a model and actor before rising to prominence as a businessman in West Hollywood. He donated to various California Democrats over the years. It remains to be seen how long his sinister actions have been at play and whoever else has covered the traces for him. Buck also was known to prey on young male prostitutes according to witnesses. For now, he is locked away without the ability take on any more victims. But that relief isn't felt by those he has already come in contact with.






















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