The Mueller Report

May 10, 2019



Starling of the Month - April 2019


The release of the Mueller Report on Apr. 18 comes with the conclusion to the almost two-year saga questioning treason in the highest collusion.


Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into President Trump and his associates has finalized in a report which carries more than 400 pages.  While the report has been released to the public, special redactions have been made in order to maintain classified information and other sensitive intel.


President Trump celebrated the findings of the report on Twitter posting videos, photos, and even a "Game of Thrones" meme.




However, despite the development that the report exonerates President Trump from colluding with a foreign power, it does present some troubling findings.


The Reaction


For starters President Trump's initial reaction to Mueller's appointment as special counsel.  "Oh my God. This is terrible. This is the end of my presidency. I’m fucked."  This doesn't exactly paint the picture of an innocent man.



Tampering with the Investigation


In June 2017 after the appointment of Mueller, President Trump attempted to fire him from the investigation.  However, the president passed this order along to White House counsel Donald McGahn who did not comply with the order.


President Trump was also revealed to have called upon Corey Lewandowski to request Attorney General Sessions to limit the investigation.


Ultimately both requests by the president were passed along through several individuals but never delivered.



Hard to Reach


There is also the president's sidestepping of Mueller's investigative process.  Mueller initially sought out the president to interview about Russia, but the president refused.


Through back and forth between Mr. Trump's team and the special counsel the president merely submitted written responses to questions he favored.


Through all of his findings in the investigation, Mueller determined that if the public felt that President Trump should be held accountable for his interference in the investigation, that it was the job of Congress to see it done.



There were several takes on what the Mueller Report means and the light that it paints the president in.  Some felt relieved that the president indeed did not collude with a foreign power.  Others decided the president's efforts to curtail the investigation minimally warranted charges of obstruction.  Regardless of all of this,  The report receives this months designation for finally the long debate of whether or not the sitting president acted as a foreign agent. 




See what Twitter had to say about the Mueller Report below:





































































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