Terry Crews

July 12, 2018



Starling of the Month - June 2018


In the modern era of the #MeToo movement many revelations have been made about the inappropriate environments created behind the scenes of several workplaces, including those outside of Hollywood.  Countless women have come forward with accusations and testimonies which have helped bring to light grotesque practices in place by those in power (Harvey Weinstein most notably).  As these women have come forward, most men in surrounding practices have either given their support these women, or turned a blind eye to the actions of their male colleagues.  Inconsistent with both of these responses, Terry Crews detailed his own story of sexual abuse within the industry. 


Crews alleges that a Hollywood executive, while at a party grabbed his crotch in plain sight.  Crews, stunned by the situation did not immediately react to the situation and did not speak of the event.  Crews has since gone on to speak about this incident openly and on June 26 went in front of the Senate to testify in the wake of potential legislation for a Sexual Assault survivors’ “Bill of Rights”.


What makes Crews’ act such a noble one was the predictable backlash that followed, and how he dealt with it.  Whenever a women comes forward detailing their abuse the immediate reaction is how she could have defended herself from the situation or attack.  Crew’s incident is one step closer to reaching the introspection that no matter the situation no one asks to be assaulted. 


The jokes and bullying that resulted from Crew’s testimony were ruthless and in full force, but Crews weathered the storm. Salute to you Terry Crews.


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