The United States

June 2, 2018

Public Enemy #1 - May 2018


This month’s Public enemy goes to our very own United States of America.  On May 14, the United States officially relocated their diplomatic embassy to Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.  This controversial act, spearheaded by President Trump and members of his administration, marked another step by the United States in distancing itself from a peaceful relationship with Palestine.  This action comes just a month after President Trump and Congress finalized the Taylor force act.


The move, by the United States resulted in a two-sided scene on the embassy’s inaugural day.  While the scene was of a celebratory nature in the annexed territory of Jerusalem by American and Israeli officials alike, the area surrounding the Gaza border fence told a different story.  Rapid gunfire was the response to thousands of Palestinian protesters approaching the border.  More than 60 dead, and nearly 3,000 were injured at the scene as Israeli soldiers opened fire on the approaching crowd of both civilians and Hamas fighters.


The United States receives this month’s recognition of Public Enemy for their hand in the violence.  While on the outside the U.S. relocating a foreign embassy is a non-story, the troubled 100-year history between the two states and their citizens presents an entangling situation.  Previously, the current president promised to be the “neutral guy” in this middle-eastern conflict.  As many Americans are unaware of what goes on thousands of miles of away from their homes it would seemingly make sense to stay out of it.  However, that is not the case.  America has affirmed its friendly relationship with Israel over the years, and by standing with Israel and making the move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem they are effectively supporting state-sanctioned violence.


Actions speak much louder than words, and the United States’ silence does not negate its footsteps.





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