Childish Gambino

June 2, 2018


Starling of the Month - May 2018


Writer, actor, comedian, director, and musician Donald Glover a.k.a. Childish Gambino is this month's Starling. Focusing on the latter of his quintuplet of talents, Childish Gambino's recent release "This is America" has had social media in a frenzy for nearly the entire month of May. 


Released on May 5, "This is America" serves as an implicit look on the inner workings of American society.  The video is equal parts mysterious, comical, jarring, intricate, ignorant, and profound.  Shots of Gambino playfully dancing and jiving with children followed by the vicious murders of several innocent black bystanders.  The visuals are polarizing, and for good reason.  Whether you agree with the violence shown or see it in poor taste to America’s current climate does not matter.  What Gambino did with this video is get people talking.  There are real issues going on across communities in America and Gambino is reminding us of that. He is trying to open eyes and makes us all look in the mirror.


The direct impact of all of this may not be tangible.  Legislation or enforcement won’t simply branch off of this video.  However, conversations have.  Every single Media outlet had their own take on what the video actually means and what it’s referring to.  The song landed as #1 on the charts.  If something as simple as a music video can get the whole country to at think sit and think for a few moments, then action along with those thoughts surely isn’t that farfetched.  



See What Twitter had to say about the video below:


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