Kanye West

May 2, 2018

Public Enemy #1 - April 2018


When it rains it pours, and Kanye West’s return to Twitter has been nothing short of a monsoon. The troubled artist and entrepreneur has been seemingly at work in all of his creative ventures for some time now behind the scenes. His return to Twitter has acted as a showcase for his latest footwear designs in terms of Yeezy’s, his upcoming  apparel releases, and what looks to be two albums slated for a June release of this year.  All of these things may excite fans of the Chicago native creative, but Kanye also did one thing that turned heads for a less exciting reason…he opened his mouth.


It’s no secret West has been going through it lately (as evidenced by his recent 2016 checking into a mental facility).  In fact, many people attributed this to his almost baseless support of now President Trump.


But as he has returned to the social media platform he has thus doubled down on his previous statements claiming he and Trump share a "dragon energy".


West claims the spot as April's Public Enemy for one reason, his willful ignorance.  The issue at hand is not that Black people have to exist within a monolith or all adhere to the same standard of thinking.  The issue is that Kanye’s belief and support of Trump is done with the ignorance of facts or in a more current popular way to put it, the existence of “fake news”.  It is quite frankly difficult to keep up with all of West as he moves frantically from one avenue to the other, but through his recent splurge in the limelight he has exemplified this.  His leaked text conversations between he and John Legend as well as other prominent celebrities, his recent TMZ interview in which he alluded to the institution and effects of slavery being a 400-year choice.  In all of his responses he has never actually acknowledged a reason for supporting the controversial candidate other than contrarianism.







See what Twitter currently has to say about Mr. West:




































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